Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bhutan Taktse Winter Camp 2009

We are heading out today in 1.5 hours for Bhutan. We will reach the border tonight where we will be staying. Tomorrow we will reach Thimpu which is the capital city. Bhutan is a tiny country- only half the size of Illinois. Our group consists of Pintso, Ghenla Ezra, Acharya Pradan, Lopen Ani Chanda, and myself. It is a great group of people to go with. We have been practicing the learning sessions the past few nights over some honey bee brandy. The theme of the winter camp is "Folk Tales, Myths, and Creation Stories From Around the World", and I am in charge of the story-telling component. At the end of the camp we will have 8-10 performances prepared for a Soiree, which the kids will be putting on for their parents and local government agents. We have chosen 3 songs to do with the kids - All the Critters, Blowing in the Wind, and Teach Your Children. The parents of our students are doing an amazing job coordinating this on the other side for us to be able to function over there. Our food and lodging is taken care of completely. It will be an amazing trip I am certain. I will post photos and stories when I return.

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teach the children well...

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