Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Completion of the Terraces

Well, since my last post I have completed the terraces with the help of my trusty skilled laborers. The next stage is to build the soil fertility. To do this I am working on getting 2-3 truckloads of compost from Chuten Monstaery in Deorali. Everything is looking so beautiful, and the transformation is really amazing to see in such a short time! I recently made a trip to Siliguri, the city in W. Bengal which basically supplies the lifeblood to all of Sikkim. There, I purchased seeds for some of the vegetables I will be growing. I still need to get flower seeds, but those can be acquired here in Gangtok, as Sikkim is known for its beautiful flowers. I also plant to try and grow Kiwi fruit. Now I am working on the drainage system so that the heavy rains during the monsoon season will not destroy all the hard work we put into this project. here are some pictures:


Morgan said...

Now that's a beautiful wall. Even the folks in Old Lyme would be proud. xx

Michael Miller said...

Hey Ben,
It's been a while since I've checked on your blog. The wall looks great. It's great to see you're doing what you love to do. It looks like you're doing a great job out there, and learning so much...can't help but say I'm a little jealous. Hopefully we can stay in touch in the future. Keep up the spectacular work.

- Michael