Thursday, May 7, 2009

Final Post - TFI Concluding Report

I am leaving for Nepal in 2 days. I have accomplished what I came here to Taktse to do. Now, in order for the project to be self sustaining, Sherap will have to be in charge of managing the farm. I will continue to do this kind of work in Nepal, and I will plan to come back here to Sikkim as my home base in September. I have a few close contacts in N. Sikkim in Mangan, where they support a Monastery which is interested in a similar project. Mangan is 2.5 hrs from Gangtok, so I will easily be able to travel and work between the two locations. I have finally gotten the go ahead to build the greenhouse on the site. I met the welder and it will cost roughly Rs. 30,000 for the srtucture, transportation and labor, which I will be sharing with Chodten Monastery in Gangtok, whom is building a similar greenhouse, and whom Sonam Paljor Sir gave me the contact for the welder, Nirmoy. That will be taking place in my absence. I have written a concluding report, but I have temporarily misplaced my pen drive, Ill try and post it if I get the chance.

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